zondag 19 april 2009

Trans-Europese mobiliteit en post-socialistische identiteiten

Ginette Verstraete heeft een themanummer van het European Journal of Cultural Studies samengesteld, getiteld 'Media globalization and post-socialist identities'. European Journal of Cultural Studies, May 2009, Volume 12, No. 2. Guest editors: Anikó Imre and Ginette Verstraete. Zie: http://ecs.sagepub.com/content/vol12/issue2/. Omschrijving van Verstraetes eigen artikel 'Timescapes: An Artistic challenge to the European Union Paradigm' in dit nummer: "This article focuses on the development of trans-European corridors of mobility to the east of Europe. It argues that the European Union's infrastructures are intent upon erasing the past and integrating the new places with as little tension as possible, for economic purposes only. Running counter to this late-capitalist investment is the collective video project Timescapes, which includes Angela Melitopoulos' road movie Corridor X, on the history of the Balkan Highway between Germany and Turkey. The deeply historical and transnational networking practices at the heart of this art project offer us a possible paradigm for rethinking what Europe could mean in an age of EU enlargement to the east. "

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